Hello! I'm,

Abhinav Tyagi

I'm a Multimedia Designer based in Halifax, Canada

Abhinav Tyagi is a Multimedia Designer who is currently based in Halifax, Canada. He is a visual thinker and a problem solver by nature. His core skills are Graphic Design, UX/UI Design, Motion Design and 2D/3D Illustration. Abhinav has been freelancing for the last 5 years, he has worked as a UX/UI designer in Singapore and has also worked as a Motion Graphic Designer in a multi award-winning film about male child-sexual abuse. His creative projects are always approached with consideration of strategic storytelling, classic design principles, and knowledge of future trends.


"On weekends I create digital art using cutting-edge 3D tools and mint them as NFT's."


Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore
Diploma in Graphic Communication (2016-2019)

NSCAD University, Halifax, Canada
Bdes in Interdisciplinary Design (2019-2021)


Intuitive Lab 
Founder/Designer (2016 - Present)

Plaex Building Solutions
3D Animator (March 2021- Present)

Mystic Yogi, Vancouver
Motion Graphic Designer (Jan 2021- Present)

Sangharsh (The Conflict) - Award-Winning Film
Motion Graphic Designer (Jan 2019 - June 2019)

Apex Pwm, Singapore
UX/UI Designer(May 2018 - July 2018)

Software Toolbox

Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, After Effects, XD, Blender, Cinema 4D, Invision, Unity


Graphic Design, Motion Design, Illustration, 3D Design, User Experience

Public Speaking


My Creative Journey 


Developed my first website at the age of 13 using HTML/CSS


Started creating swirly line art using pen and paper.


Started doing graffiti in the streets India of India.


Enrolled in NAFA, Singapore to pursue my Diploma in Graphic Communication 


Built a 36 Page website for one of the biggest financial advisory firms in Singapore.


Started experimenting with 3D digital art.


Exhibited my work in Asia's Largest Gif festival which was organised in Singapore. Participating in this event inspired me to learn 3D tools.


Enrolled in NSCAD University, Halifax, Canada to pursue my B.A in Interdisciplinary Design. I learnt about emerging technologies in the field of art & design. 


Worked as a Motion Graphic Designer for an award-winning short-film.


Projection Mapping at Electric Pines Music Festival using all original animations.


Graduated from NSCAD on 27th April 2021 with an Interdisciplinary Design (Major), Illustration and Animation (Minor). I'm currently looking for suitable full-time work.


My NFT Auction was featured on peanutbutta's youtube channel.


My work was exhibited at Giffest 2019, Singapore which is Asia's Largest Gif Festival.



Honesty, Openness, Empathy, Compassion, Service, Courage, Responsibility, Making a difference.

Short-Term Goals

-To be the best problem-solver and story-teller that I possibly can be.

-To work on innovative and cutting-edge projects.
-Service towards the betterment of society through technology and design. 

Long-term Goals

-To start my own creative studio which blurs lines between Art, Design and Technology to solve real world problems.

Get in touch


T: +1 (315) 626 1840
E: intuitivelab18@gmail.com